The Executive Team 
Our executive members of the team have volunteered to assist with organizing, planning and executing events for the Gladiateurs.
  1. Director of Administration
    Director of Administration
    Pouya Sadatsharify has been a member of the Gladiateurs senior men’s team for 3 years. Some of his responsibilities are; registration and waiver forms for all playing members, memberships and assist the President with AGM or EGM meetings.
  2. President
    Parisa Rostami has been playing and coaching Rugby for over a decade. As president she will support the executive members and manage the club operations.
  3. Vice President
    Vice President
    Dillon Mallory is second in command to Parisa. He will be assisting and supporting executives and the operations of the Club. Should Parisa step down from her current role, Dillan would take over until a new president is elected.
  4. Director of Finance
    Director of Finance
    Nigel George also coaches the U17 girls. Some of his responsibilities include; budgeting for the club, financial statements, taxation and overseeing the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee (FASC).
  1. Director of Recruitment
    Director of Recruitment
    Amanda Tambakopoulos will be overseeing this role by developing a plan and working in conjunction with the Director of Communications for advertisement purposes. She will also set a goal and priorities for the club as well as activities for recruitment efforts.
  2. Director of Development
    Director of Development
    Steph Crawley has been a part of the Gladiateurs for several years and previous President of the Club. She is the head coach of the Ottawa U GeeGees. Her passion and knowledge is a valued asset by club members and the executive team.
  3. Director of Communications
    Director of Communications
    Melissa Tambakopoulos has supported the club for many years as an involved parent. Some of her responsibilities include; newsletters, social media and updating our website. She was involved with Fundraising efforts last year and will continue to do so.
  4. Director of Operations
    Director of Operations
    Dylan Puchniak will be responsible for finding fields for practices and games, manage club equipment and storage as well as merchandise and field management.
  5. Social Director
    Social Director
    Danielle Vannieuwenhuizen will work with a team member from each age group to assist in executing social events. Will also create a calendar of up and coming events for the club members to attend.