Frequently Asked Questions

Does my son/daughter need to have previous rugby experience to join?

As a parent, what do I need to know

What does my registration cover?

Rugby Canada's insurance covers the liability of playing the sport of rugby, and associated risks. 

Our club fees cover that costs of running our programs including but not limited to - field rental, equipment, athletic therapy services, coaching fees, league fees, and club social activities 
Feel free to watch practices but please let the coaches coach!

Parents are encouraged to attend games and festivales to learn more about rugby and encourage their son/daughter, the team and the club.

For games and festivals parents should bring the following;
  • Plenty of water *hydration is important
  • Outdoor shade cover; speak to other parents as usually two is sufficient for the team to sit under when not playing during the summer to provide relief from the sun and heat.
  • Snacks (for you and your son/daughter)
  • Camping chair
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Camera if you want pictures and we're always happy to post them with your permission
  • Your positive encouragement and enthusiasm to cheer your team on!
Your son/daughter does not require any previous experience playing rugby. Our coaches do a great job covering basics with all ages and the team members are all about inclusivity!

What equipement do I need for my son/daughter to play?


  • Shorts and a t-shirt for practices
  • Compression shorts/spandex for children/youth who prefer them
  • Indoor running shoes for indoor training
  • Outdoor running shoes for outdoor training
  • Plastic cleats for outdoor games (Walmart/Canadian Tire sell soccer cleats, no need for expensive shoes)
  • Mouth guards (they do tend to lose them so buying a couple is a good idea, and again, Walmart or Canadian Tire between $4-6)​
  • Water bottle
  • Long hair must be tied up
  • Earrings and any other jewelry must be removed or taped.
  • If you require any medications; asthma pump, insulin, Epi pens, etc...,please don't forget to bring it and advise your coach that you have medical needs.
  • Coaches will be emailing parents about the playing and practice schedules for their team.
  • The Director of Communications will put notifications up on the Glads Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Instagram about practices, upcoming events and some news. 
  • Our website has a calendar of events and in the specific team pages you will find a calendar for that particular teams practices and games.
  • There is also a special News Alert on the home page should a practice or game be cancelled. 
  • Join us on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page for quick and up-to-the minute updates (icons above).

How safe is Rugby?

  • Children play coed Flag Rugby (non-contact) up to the age of 11 years old
  • At the U11 age level they are introduced to contact to begin learning the basics in a safe and controlled environment and with trained coaches
  • As of U13 teams are separated based on gender as they play contact
  • Every year the club puts on a concussion clinic for all players and must be attended by all. Contact rugby is not practiced until this is covered.
  • Our coaches are trained on how to teach safe contact skills 
  • It is also mandetory by the league to have an medical professional (athletic therapist or physiotherapist) at all games to ensure that first aid can be administered should a child get injured.
  • Players are not allowed to play in a game if they do not have the proper attire.